EasyWeigh Letters™
Project: Develop a product for postal operators’ clients in order to:
  • Reduce cost at post offices
  • Improve service and convenience
  • Prevent from underpayment
  • Being a communication tool as well
  • Idea situation: Having studied the postal industry and very specific postal situations (at post offices for example ) we came to an important question: is there a tool, a product that helps customers weighing and paying a letter before this letter gets into the mail pipeline and would this help avoiding standing in annoying long lines as well?
    Our task: We started with building different prototypes of letter scales. We knew that the product should be made of a printable material for communication, foldable for easy distribution and manufactured from quality material because of the accuracy requirements.
    Results: A foldable letter-scale measuring weights up to 100 gr. It’s sold to all major postal operators in 17 different countries around the world and helps them reducing their cost, improving their service and generating more profit.