Jelmer Jarig Huizinga


Has worked in FMCG for General Cosmetics (a part of Benckiser). After General Cosmetics he pushed Boedelbak, rental business of trailers into a prominent position in the Dutch market.

At Sterpolis (part of Interpolis) he developed new insurance concepts based on affinity marketing (combination of two or more brands based on affinity between products, distribution, promotion, personnel, etc.). Convinced that affinity marketing leads to greater success, he started his own affinity marketing company and helped successfully over 100 companies to get more and better results.

Jelmer about innovation:
"I am very passionate about innovation. It gives me a great thrill when we have invented another 'simple' solution for a very recognizable problem situation. In fact there is where it all starts. From stretch. And then you need to set at least 1000 steps towards successful market-introduction. Every step could mean a NO to your new product solution. I feel it as a great challenge to bring it to a good end."

Another passion is sailing. With his boat he sails to the Wadden Islands and has planned to make a trip to France, Denmark or England this year. When he is not on the boat, you likely find him on the Amsterdam Old Course, a beautiful and ancient golf course a milestone from where he lives.

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